Wood Garden Accents in Hillsboro

At Dick’s Evergreen Fence and Deck in Hillsboro, OR, we provide a wide range of stunning wood garden accents to elevate the style of your backyard and complete your garden aesthetic. Whether you want to add a pergola to enhance your outdoor living area, create an inviting pathway with an ivy-covered arbor, or simply add stunning trellises for your climbing plants, we have you covered. We use high-quality western red cedar that is locally sourced in the Northwest, providing you with beautiful texture and color in your garden. We also offer staining for our wood garden accents, with the option to either get it pre-stained before installation or subcontract the staining to a local company.

Cedar trellises

If you have winding plants that need somewhere to grow or are interested in adding height and texture to your garden, a cedar trellis may be right for you. Our cedar trellises offer the perfect climbing structure for peas, morning glories, ivy, and any other climbing plants. In addition, they’re beautiful enough to stand bare during winter or before the vines overtake them, adding texture and beauty to your garden.

Cedar pergolas

Pergolas serve to create a beautiful outdoor space for dining, lounging, or reading, extending your living space with an open outdoor room. With a wide range of cedar pergola designs, we can help you determine how much shade you want from your pergola and how large you want the area to be. We’ll even come to your garden and consult with you about the space available and the desired location of the pergola, helping you determine the best way to accent and complete your garden.

Cedar arbors

Garden arbors offer the functionality of trellises with the whimsical beauty of an archway, providing the perfect finishing touches for your backyard or garden. We have a wide range of styles of cedar arbors, from curved archways with full trellising to more rectangular styles. Whether you leave the arbor to stand by itself or cultivate vines to grow along the trellising, it’s sure to lend a beautiful, inviting look to your garden.

Custom garden structures and wood accents

If you don’t find the perfect wood garden accent among our wide selection of trellises, pergolas, and arbors, don’t worry. We’re happy to build a custom garden structure or custom wood accent to your specifications. Whether you want a uniquely shaped pergola to fit in a corner of your garden or have a difficult patio space that requires custom building, our skilled craftsmen are happy to help. You’ll be able to meet with one of our designers and select the style and wood treatment that suits your desired aesthetic, working together to craft the design of your dreams. We’ll then take the project from the page to your garden, using only the most reliable materials from trusted brands and building you a gorgeous finished product.

You can also get any of these garden accents in Vinyl as well!

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