Custom Chain Link Fencing in Hillsboro, OR

Deciding what type of fencing to choose for defining your property line or redoing your existing fencing can be a difficult process. That’s why our design experts at Dick’s Evergreen Fence and Deck in Hillsboro are well-versed in the different advantages and characteristics of each different type of fencing. We sell a wide range of fence materials for every purpose and aesthetic, including vinyl fencing, cedar fencing, and chain link fencing. We can help you determine which material looks best with your property and is right for your needs.

Advantages of chain link fencing

If you’re looking for an affordable fencing option to keep children or pets safely in your yard without sacrificing your views, chain link fencing might be the right option for you.

Chain link fencing is one of the most iconic types of fencing, providing an affordable fencing solution that serves its purpose well. Chain link fencing is the most affordable fence option, making it great for enclosing large areas. It’s galvanized to protect it from rusting and requires little to no maintenance over the years. It’s also effective for safety, keeping children and pets in a yard or out of a pool area.

With a variety of colors available, such as black and green, you can soften the look of the chain-link fencing to your desire. Additionally, if your goal is to keep children or pets in without forfeiting the view beyond your yard, chain link fencing is one of the few options that let you see through the fence.

If you’re uncertain whether chain link fencing is the right choice for you and your yard, talk to one of our experts or explore our offerings in cedar fencing and vinyl fencing.

Chain link fence installation in Hillsboro

At Dick’s Evergreen Fence and Deck in Hillsboro, our skilled fence contractors can help you design and install a custom chain link fence that’s tight and long-lasting. Some features of our chain link fencing include:

  • Availability in residential, commercial, and industrial-strength grades
  • Various colors of chain link fence, like black, green, and brown, to soften the look of traditional galvanized chain link
  • Built using a mesh with pre-woven 2” privacy slats and about 15% cheaper than traditional slatted fences
  • Our chain link gate frames are each built custom to ensure their proper functioning
  • Offered in several decorative or utilitarian styles
  • Ornamental Steel & Aluminum Fencing
  • Great for pool fences or field and farm fences

Extra chain link fence options available include:

  • Barbed wire/wire ribbon
  • Dog runs and portable kennel panels
  • Storage enclosures

Our skilled fence builders offer comprehensive installation to ensure your chain link fence is installed tightly and will last for years. If you prefer self-installation, we also provide chain link fencing materials for retail purchases. Started in 1979, Dick’s Evergreen Fence and Deck have decades of experience in fence construction that we bring to every fence installation we do. Quality of material, craftsmanship, and service are at the heart of our commitment to our customers.

If you’re interested in chain link fencing and installation or want to explore other fencing types, call Dick’s Evergreen Fence and Deck in Hillsboro today at (503) 640-7700!