Quality Deck Products in Hillsboro, OR

Decking Solutions in Hillsboro

One of the most overlooked additions to a house is a deck. Decks are a place for the residents of your home and your guests to congregate and enjoy each other’s company. They can play host to hundreds of backyard cookouts and serve as the stage of a backyard wedding. The possibilities are endless. Building decking through an experienced deck contractor is a cost-effective addition that can help your family entertain during the warmer months of the year, as well as drastically increase the overall value of your home. When it comes time to move, a well-built deck can drive up the selling price. At Dick’s Evergreen Fence and Deck, our Portland deck contractors provide you with a free estimate, except for insurance and/or real estate appraisal and negotiation. 1 to 2 weeks to receive quote from the day the estimate conducted.) of the total cost of adding on a new deck to your property. Unlike other deck companies, we sell quality decks at affordable prices, as well as provide deck installation and deck construction. For superior deck installation in Hillsboro, OR, call Dick’s Evergreen Fence and Deck.

Our Standard Decking Varieties Offer Numerous Joys

Dick’s Evergreen Fence and Deck boast a wide array of quality deck options for Hillsboro, OR, residents. For some clients, our standard decking is enough to get the BBQs going, and the relaxing nighttime firepit chats started. We can install cedar, vinyl, composite, or aluminum decks, all of which come with pressure-treated framing (posts, beams, and joists), as well as galvanized hangers and ties. Our experienced deck builders in Hillsboro, OR install the joists 16” on center, ensuring sturdy and safe construction. While 24” on center joists are common for wood decks, our deck building contractors recommend narrower spacing. Lastly, we custom make the handrails to your specifications, and in coordination with the decking materials.

  • Cedar, vinyl, composite, or aluminum
  • Pressure-treated framing (posts, beams, and joists)
  • Galvanized hangers and ties
  • Joists are installed 16” on center
  • Most vinyl and composite products specify 16” spacing
  • Handrail that is custom built to suit the kind of decking materials being used
  • Traditionally wood decks have joists 24” on center, but the newer growth wood is not as strong so a narrower spacing is recommended

Hardwood Decking

If there’s one thing Hillsboro, OR residents can agree on, there’s nothing like a beautiful hardwood deck. Hillsboro customers rave about Dick’s Evergreen Fence and Deck’s ability to build quality decks that serve as a gathering spot for parties and family reunions for years. The Oregon landscape is beautiful, and owning a home with a gorgeous hardwood deck makes it all the better. Watch the sunset behind your home and retire to your home for bed. Additionally, our Western Red Cedar decks will enhance your house’s resale value. We ensure the safety and security of your deck by only using the best materials, including galvanized Ardox nails.

  • Standard hardwood decking is 2×6, tight-knot, western red cedar
  • Fastened with either hot-dip galvanized Ardox nails or colored deck screws

Composite Decking

If hardwood or standard decks aren’t your preference, then composite decks might work. Composite decks look great, and they require little maintenance because they approximate the grainy textures of real hardwood with various colors and faux-wood finishes, without the finicky nature of hardwood. We use a hidden system to put the deck together, using fasteners and deck screws that match the color of the deck. Dick’s Evergreen Fence and Deck offer a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty on all composite decks.

  • Features up to a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Available in different colors and textured faux wood finishes
  • Fastened using a hidden system (ie. clips) or with color-matched deck screws

Vinyl Decking

Vinyl is a beautiful surface that will serve you and your family well. Vinyl decks are very popular and for a good reason. Like our composite offerings, our Hillsboro, OR vinyl decking comes in a variety of colors and styles and is put together, so all screws and fasteners are unseen. These are built by our fully-qualified technicians. We treat each installation as if it was our own home, respecting your privacy and cleaning up after ourselves. We offer a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on all of our vinyl decks.

  • Offered with a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty (call for details)
  • Like composites, are available in different colors
  • Can be fastened using clips or colored deck screws
  • Generally considered the “top of the line” for decking

Extra Decking and Deck-Related Options Include

At Dick’s Evergreen Fence and Deck, we believe in providing our customers with as many customization options as possible. Your new deck will be a permanent fixture in your home for years to come, so why not take advantage of the options our deck installers can present? There’s no overestimating the value of excellent outdoor living space, and our additional options will provide the long-awaited flourishes to make it truly yours. Our Hillsboro, OR deck installation experts can install comfortable all-weather benches, shady pergolas, luxurious privacy screens, planter boxes, and even assistance in securing engineering and building permits.

  • Benches
  • Pergolas
  • Privacy screens
  • Planter boxes
  • Engineering/permits if requested or required

Put the Final Touch on Your Hillsboro Deck with an Awning

No deck is complete without a beautiful awning. From welded and powder-coated hand and grab rails, to vinyl and wood arbors, our deck builders will thrill Hillsboro residents with our many options. We do custom work and carry New England Arbors brand-name materials. We can accessorize your deck with pool and field or farm fences and deliver DIY and unusual items. Do you want unconventional or custom deck patterns? That’s no problem. We install Tiger and Coverstone wood decking. Even Ipe decks and PVC decks are well within our wheelhouse.

Other Extras Available and Deck Accessories

  • Welded and Powder Coated Handrails/Grab rails
  • Vinyl & Wood Arbors
  • Custom or New England Arbors brand arbors
  • Custom Built Vinyl or Wood Pergolas
  • Pool Fence
  • Field/Farm Fence
  • Delivery of “DIY” Materials
  • Tigerwood decking
  • Coverstone decking
  • Cedar decks
  • Deck railing
  • IPE decks
  • PVC decking

To find out more about our various custom deck products, please reach out to our office by calling our deck installers at (503) 640-7700!