Vinyl Garden Accents in Hillsboro

If you’re looking for a beautiful, low-maintenance garden accent to complete the look of your garden, our vinyl garden accents at Dick’s Evergreen Fence and Deck in Hillsboro, OR, maybe for you. We carry a wide range of stunning vinyl garden accents, including vinyl trellises, vinyl pergolas, vinyl arbors, and custom vinyl accents. Whether you’re interested in completing the look of your outdoor kitchen with a stunning pergola or building a trellis system to care for your peas, morning glories, and other climbing plants, our team at Dick’s Evergreen Fence and Deck is here to help.
Vinyl Garden Accents in Hillsboro, OR

Benefits of vinyl garden accents

Using vinyl material for your garden accents is a great way to go if you’re interested in a beautiful, affordable, and low-maintenance option. Vinyl garden accents come in a wide range of colors and styles to easily match your new pergola or arbor to the rest of your yard and fencing. They’re also extremely low maintenance, requiring seasonal rinsing or simple cleaning with soap and water once in a while to keep the structure looking clean. Unlike wood, vinyl doesn’t require any further painting or staining.

Vinyl trellises

Trellises offer a beautiful, functional garden accent that provides your winding plants with a place to climb while adding texture and structure to your yard. Whether you have morning glories, ivy, peas, or other climbing plants, installing trellises will help them thrive while enhancing the overall aesthetic of your garden.

Vinyl pergolas

Adding a vinyl pergola over a patio, outdoor kitchen, or other outdoor space is the perfect way to elevate your outdoor living space. Pergolas set the area apart from the rest of your yard and provide some shade from the sun, helping you enjoy your garden from a new vantage point.

Vinyl arbors

Garden arbors are the perfect whimsical or inviting touch for a pathway or garden. We have a wide range of vinyl arbor styles, from curved archways to rectangular structures. Whether you leave our beautiful vinyl arbors bare or cover them with thriving flowers and vines, they are sure to lend a beautiful, inviting look to your garden, beckoning guests down the pathway or into your backyard.

Custom garden structures and vinyl accents

If you don’t find the perfect vinyl garden accent among our wide selection of arbors, trellises, and pergolas, our team at Dick’s Evergreen Fence and Deck are always happy to help build a custom vinyl structure just for your needs. We’ll consult with you about your desired aesthetic, space constraints, and plans for using the structure; then we’ll develop a design that suits your needs, consulting with you until we get it just right. From there, we’ll take your ideal garden structure from paper to final product, installing it in your garden and helping you achieve the yard of your dreams.

You can also get any of these garden accents in Wood as well!

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